Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Why a family walk?

Some people do really amazing things for charities.
Running a marathon is fairly amazing.

At my age I have to throw pretence out the window.
There is no way I could start a marathon, never mind finish one.

And if I am to be truly honest, I want the moral force of the aid project rather than my puny efforts to persuade friends and family to give to a cause which has kept me awake for the past two weeks.

I feel a little like Cato the Elder who muttered 'Carthago delenda est' for years. The Ebola crisis is like few others and one we cannot afford to loose. Each round we lose will make the next exponentially harder.

Faced with the brutality of the French Revolution, Voltaire concluded 'il fait cultiver notre jardin', which translated into Chinese means 'it's better to light one candle than curse the darkness'. A family walk with friends is as much and as little as we can manage.

I have not raised money for charity for some years, feeling that with the recession many people were 'charitied out'. Now however, with the zeal of a religious convert I feel that this should be everyone's problem. Not just my nightmare.

A family walk is something that every family can do. So hopefully the Murray experiment will not be the first or last.

Being November (8th) it could even be snowing. That would give it an heroic allure.

But hopefully not.

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