Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A profitable first day

Overnight we collected our first €100. My good friend Barry was the first to donate. By this evening we have banked €1,200 and people have very kindly paid the 6% commission charged by (they have to live too, I guess).  Thanks everyone!

We have had promises of about the same again (you are very generous, you know who you are!). So we are quietly confident of reaching our target of €5,000.

Money isn't everything, but it sure helps.

MSF have given me fact sheets for anyone who wants them. I also have five tee shirts (three medium and two large). I wore my tee shirt round Woodies today and got some interesting looks. I might go again tomorrow when it is full of over 60's. Most importantly we have balloons.

Hopefully the walk will raise awareness of the issue. It would be great if other families held fund raising for MSF or other charities. Lorraine tells me that the Brinish public are mobilising behind a charity to combat Ebola. In some ways I am surprised that we have been so slow in Ireland to help out. Traditionally we are very generous with our time and money. Maybe people are still coping with their concerns and fears.

I am very proud of the Irish who are serving in MSF, in Goal, Concern and other organisations at the forefront of the battle against Ebola.

Some neighbours have offered to join us on the walk. We have provided for the Quakers to open the Meeting House from 10.00 on Saturday week to offer teas coffees and cakes for walkers and supporters.

An army always marches on its stomach.

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